Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy. This is the best bankruptcy if you want to wipe out debt quickly. If you earn too much money, you won’t qualify.

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Your dischargeable debts, like medical bills, credit card bills, and other unsecured debts are eliminated after you successfully complete a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. And, bankruptcy laws permit you to keep certain assets. Believe it or not, most people who file Chapter 7 actually get to keep all of their stuff. Own a house? In San Joaquin County you can protect over $400,000 of equity in your house in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Own a car? Call me to see if I can protect your car in bankruptcy. The rules of bankruptcy are complicated it helps to have an attorney on your side. Call or text me today: 209-800-6292.

Not every type of debt can be eliminated. For example, you’ll still be stuck with domestic support obligations, most student loans, certain taxes, and most criminal fines.

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